Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is Beowulf One of a Kind?


"Often, for undaunted courage,
fate spares the man it has not already marked."

            The epic hero Beowulf significantly resembles story bound action heroes such as the Crimson Chin and Spiderman. Both the Crimson Chin and Spiderman are fictional cartoon characters. All three of these heroes lay their lives on the line in order to protect and save communities in grave peril. These heroes are all characters who coexist and mingle amongst common people. They all share perseverance, determination, and sacrifice as well. These heroes all share a love for justice and righteousness within the community. A couple of real life heroes that Beowulf can be compared to and that are present in current everyday life are the firemen and the policemen. Firemen and policeman also put their lives on the line for their communities. On a daily basis, they consistently have to persevere, sustain a determined mentality, and sacrifice their lives for the benefit of the community. The fireman’s job description does not halt at the dousing of a fire. It is also their duty to put forth their best efforts to ensure the safety of the citizens involved in the fire as well as those citizens who are positioned within any potentially hazardous parameters of the fire. Meanwhile, the policeman must detain the perilous constituents that reside within cities and bring them forth to justice.  Akin to Beowulf, the Crimson Chin, Spiderman, and the fireman constantly risk their lives for humanity.

 "I eat evil FOR BREAKFAST!"

"Whatever it is, somebody has to stop it..."

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